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10 High-Paying Insurance Remote Jobs You Can Do From Home

Looking for jobs that let you work from home, but feel like you’re all alone in your search? You’re not, as more and more insurance companies are hiring remote employees to take care of their business needs.

If you have experience with or an interest in the insurance industry and think it’s something you might want to be a part of, these 10 high-paying insurance jobs may be right up your alley, plus they can all be done remotely.

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Insurance Remote Jobs You Can Do From Home

The insurance sector has more capacity for expansion than ever before. There is an increase in opportunities as consumers seek medical, house, and auto coverage, whether you are a licensed professional or a beginner in the field.  

If you’re seeking a better work-life balance below are some remote jobs you can do from home.

Sales Agent Remote Job

Sales agents are a vital part of any insurance company. They represent the company and sell their products to potential clients.

Sales agents must be able to communicate their product’s value to the customer in a convincing way. They also need to be knowledgeable about the type of insurance they are selling, what it covers, and how much it costs.

In order for sales agents to make sales and increase profits, they must maintain good relationships with potential customers through regular communication. Most sales positions require an undergraduate degree or equivalent work experience.

Claims Examiner Remote Job

Claims examiners are responsible for reviewing and evaluating insurance claims to determine if the company should pay for the policyholder’s losses.

This job is primarily done from a remote location.
Insurance claims examiners typically work full-time in a professional office setting, but it can also be done from home.

This position requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as attention to detail.

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative provides information to customers over the phone, email or chat. They may also help with claims and billing inquiries.

They are often responsible for taking payments and answering questions about product features. Working at home as a customer service rep means you’re typically on your own time. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy; good customer service is still hard work!

Health Information Transcriber

Health Information Transcriber – Work at home as an online transcriptionist. Medical training is not required and you can be trained in a few weeks. Pay ranges from $15-$25 per audio hour, with the average being $18.

If you finish the work fast enough, you can usually get two or three hours per day of audio.

Healthcare Biller Remote Job

Healthcare Billers are often employed in hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. They work with insurance companies to bill them for the health care services they provide to patients.

They use a variety of software and technology to support their work. Healthcare Billers typically need two years of college or an Associate’s Degree in Healthcare Billing before beginning this career.

Telemarketing Executive Remote Job

Telemarketing executives are responsible for connecting potential clients with a company. The telemarketer is required to have extensive knowledge of the product they are selling, and then convince the client that the product will suit their needs.

Telemarketers often work from home, or in a call center environment. In order to become a telemarketing executive, one must first complete an internship with a company that offers this position.

Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist is an individual who transcribes dictated or recorded healthcare information in a format such as audio, video, or text. Medical transcriptionists typically work remotely and often have their own office space.

The average salary for a medical transcriptionist is $25 per hour, but it can range from $14 to $38 per hour depending on the industry, experience level, and certifications.

A typical day includes working independently, listening to recordings of doctors’ notes, and translating them into written reports that are easy to read by clinicians.

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinators are in charge of maintaining a company’s social media presence and ensuring that it stays consistent and up to date.

The position typically requires that you have a good understanding of the company, its products, and its values so that you can effectively represent them online.

Financial Analyst Remote Job

A financial analyst analyzes the finances of a company and reports to the CEO, board of directors, and stakeholders.

Financial analysts typically have a bachelor’s degree in business or finance from an accredited university.

They are knowledgeable about accounting principles, as well as business management principles. The median salary for a financial analyst was $75,590 in 2017.

Attorney Remote Job

If you are considering a career in law, then becoming an attorney may be for you. Attorneys can work for corporations or as independent contractors.

Lawyers have the opportunity to work on diverse types of cases ranging from criminal law to family law.

The job market for attorneys is competitive and the time commitment can be demanding, but those who are successful enjoy prestigious careers that pay well.

Companies That Hire for Work-From-Home Insurance Jobs

New York Life

The New York-based company New York Life has offices all around the world and offers a range of products for life insurance, long-term care insurance, retirement, investment annuities, and mutual funds.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Life Product Compliance – Senior Associate
  • Representative


Elevancehealth, formerly Anthem Inc., was established in 2004. Elevancehealth today serves one in nine Americans and is acknowledged as the largest not-for-profit managed healthcare provider in the country.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Investigator I
  • Benefits Analyst III

 Willis Towers Watson

One of the top professional services, risk management, and insurance brokerage firms in the world is Willis Towers Watson. “Help clients throughout the world turn risk into a route for growth,” is the company’s stated goal.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Senior Underwriter
  • Benefits Analysis

National General Insurance Agency, Inc.

Among other things, National General Insurance provides supplemental health services, personal and commercial auto insurance, coverage for motorcycles and recreational vehicles, and homeowners and renters’ insurance.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Accident and Health Underwriter
  • Insurance Service Representative

CVS Health

With over 9,500 drugstore stores, a flourishing online pharmacy, and 1,100 MinuteClinic sites, CVS Health is the largest provider of healthcare services and prescriptions in the country.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Actuary – Cred – Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Dedicated Transplant Claim Processor

Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions is an independent provider of healthcare services that aims to boost its clients’ financial and clinical performance by assisting them in improving patient and consumer experiences, reducing expenses, and raising healthcare quality and accessibility.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Certified Risk Adjustment Coder – Coding Auditor
  • Denials Specialist

Lincoln Financial Group

With more than 9,000 specialists in insurance and other fields, Lincoln Financial is the team leader. Life insurance, annuities, group and individual retirement plans, and group benefits, such as long-term care insurance, are some of its main business segments.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Claims Examiner II, Claims
  • Life Waiver Claims Specialist I


Parallon, which serves more than 3,000 medical offices and 760 hospitals and accounts for 10% of the healthcare market, understands that “one size doesn’t fit all” and works to offer unique solutions to each practice and institution it works with.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Liaison
  • Medical Collections Specialist


One of the biggest vehicle insurance companies in the US is Progressive. Through a few carefully chosen firms, Progressive also offers coverage for houses, boats, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and RVs.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Call Center Representative
  • Claims Customer Service Representative


One of the biggest process transformation businesses in the world is Sutherland. The company helps customers in a variety of sectors realize their potential by fusing data analytics and design thinking to create enhanced and automated consumer experiences.

Recent remote insurance jobs:

  • Life and Health Insurance Agent
  • Customer Care Representative

source: FlexJobs for remote insurance jobs.

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