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Home insurance (Hemförsäkring) in Sweden

How Home insurance (Hemförsäkring) in Sweden works

When deciding to make Sweden your permanent home or get a job(lets say an insurance job), getting a home insurance (Hemförsäkring) in Sweden is something you should give some thought to. The social security insurance, which is offered by Forsakringskassan, covers a significant portion of one’s expenses but does not …

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metaverse and the next generation

Metaverse And What the Next Generation of Insurance Consumers Need Now

Insurers need to create simple and transparent products that will attract the next generation of consumers just like insurance in the metaverse. They must offer omnichannel access, simplify processes and simplify products. Creating standardized policies will help them choose the best option based on their needs. Data-driven products will help …

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Best Insurtech Companies in The US and Asia

Insurtech startups are changing the insurance industry with innovative products and services. These startups offer highly personalized premiums, comparison shopping tools, and mobile apps. By enabling customers to manage their policies from anywhere, in any way, in any language, in any currency, in any language, they are redefining what insurance …

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pro insurance blog

How to Use Your New Marketplace Insurance in Shanghai

Checking out the new supplementary private insurance (SCHCA) plans is something you should definitely consider doing if you are living in Shanghai. These programs have as their primary objective the reduction in the cost of medical services for the local population. They are available for purchase from eight different private …

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getting life insurance with hepatitis c

Getting A Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

If you have completed treatment for hepatitis C, then a good number of insurance companies will be able to provide you with life insurance on standard terms. Because it is possible to contract hepatitis C through drugs, a common question on applications for life insurance is whether or not you …

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car insurance cost

In New York, How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

The annual cost of full coverage auto insurance in New York is $2,777, which comes out to $231 per month on average; however, comparing rates could help drivers in the city, both experienced and inexperienced, save money. If you are not familiar with the auto insurance offered in the state …

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Cryptocurrencies Insurance

Cryptocurrencies Insurance: (All You Need To Know)

The cryptocurrency industry has recently exploded, with crypto assets’ market capitalization hitting $2.2 trillion in April of this year. In this publication, we look at cryptocurrencies in general and what insurers could do to prepare for the oncoming wave. Insurers have been sluggish to enter the crypto realm, which poses …

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