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How Home insurance (Hemförsäkring) in Sweden works

When deciding to make Sweden your permanent home or get a job(lets say an insurance job), getting a home insurance (Hemförsäkring) in Sweden is something you should give some thought to. The social security insurance, which is offered by Forsakringskassan, covers a significant portion of one’s expenses but does not cover all. It is for this reason that it might be a good idea to ccheckout the various private insurance firms and the services that they provide.

If there is any insurance you really need, it is home insurance (Hemförsäkring) in Sweden. It includes important protection that covers you, your family, your home, and your belongings, both at home and on the go. Read on to find out what it means to insure your home.

Whether you rent an apartment or own a house, you need to insure your home. Home insurance not only provides compensation for damages to and loss of your belongings but also applies to other tricky situations in life — including if you are required to pay damages and end up in a legal dispute.

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Is It Required To Have Home Insurance (Hemförsäkring)?

No law in Sweden stipulates that you must have home insurance. However, only 5% of Swedes have their homes uninsured — which still means that there are hundreds of thousands of people lacking important protection.

What’s Included In Home Insurance (Hemförsäkring)?

There is a certain degree of protection that all home insurance policies in Sweden must include. If you took out insurance without checking what it actually covers, you may be surprised by how much is included. The insurance not only covers your home and your belongings in the event of several kinds of different damage, but is also a protection for you and your family if, for example, you are sued for damages or need medical care abroad.

This insurance will often cover the following:

  • possessions in the event of theft, fire, or accidents,
  • liabilities, and any expenses associated to the legal process,
  • Expenses associated with travel

In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance is tied to your property and protects not just you but also any other members of your family who are registered with the insurance company. In order to sign up for a house insurance policy in Sweden, you will be required to provide your personal number, which is referred to as a personnummer.

What’s The Price Of Home Insurance (Hemförsäkring)?

No fixed price applies to everyone. The cost of home insurance is determined based on several different factors in your life and housing situation. Where you live, if you rent or own your home, and its square footage are examples of factors that affect the price.

The price can vary significantly depending on whether you live in Stockholm or a smaller city, as well as between different insurance agencies. The important thing is that the insurance is designed for your needs and that you pay for what you need. Hedvig’s student insurance starts at 49 SEK per month, while a family in a house can expect to pay a few hundred SEK.

Home Insurance For Lodgers

Being a lodger can have many benefits for your life situation. It can be a cheaper alternative for accommodation if you quickly need to find somewhere to live. When you move in with someone else, you are not covered by the homeowner’s insurance and, among other things, your own belongings are unprotected. In most cases, it is best to have your own home insurance, but other options can suit your housing situation.

Does The Insurance Apply To My Partner?

If your partner is registered at your address and permanently lives with you, the insurance applies to both of you. You do not need to have separate home insurance for your partner, just make sure to let us know that more people are living with you.

What is movable property?

Simply put, it refers to things that are not permanently mounted. In other words, things that can be moved. In an insurance context, it is useful to know the value of your movable property. The protection for movables applies to, among many other things, clothing, electronics, and furniture.

How Does The Age Deduction Affect The Insurance?

Age deduction affects how much you get in compensation for a thing that breaks or disappears. The deduction is the difference between what you paid when you bought a new gadget and what the gadget is worth today. It can be compared to if you were to sell an iPad on Blocket, for example, five years after you bought it. The current sales price is, of course, lower than the item’s original price when it was brand new. This market value also corresponds to what you receive in compensation from your insurance after the age deduction.

Does the insurance cover my lost keys?

Losing your home keys can cause a lot of inconveniences and changing locks is often costly. Whether our home insurance policy covers lost keys depends on how you lost them — so you must be extra careful not to. If your keys are stolen (provided you didn’t carelessly store them), the insurance applies. However, if you simply lose them, they are not covered — since they, unlike things like cellphones, are considered valuables.

What should I keep in mind when moving?

When you move, it is important (and super easy) to update the insurance with new information about your homes, such as the new address and square footage. And don’t worry: Hedvig is available in the entire country — from large cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö to smaller residential areas in the countryside.

Companies That Provide Homes Insurance (Hemförsäkring) in Sweden

Homeowner’s insurance is made available by every major insurance provider. You can enroll in a homeowner’s insurance policy over the internet or in person at any of their offices. The following is a list of choices that are available to you:

  • Hedvig’s goal is to shake up the traditional insurance sector, and one way they want to do this is by providing customers with totally mobile-based insurance policies that are designed to be quick, easy, and equitable. In addition, there are choices available for students and renters.
  • ICA Försäkring is both a permanent residence and a vacation home.

Is it compulsory to have home insurance in Sweden?

Although you are not required by law to purchase homeowners insurance, we highly recommend that you do so nevertheless.

Can I work in Sweden without Personnummer?

In order to look for work (insurance work) in Sweden, you will not be required to provide a personal identification number. You can search for employment prospects by registering on the website of the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsformedlingen) and utilizing their services. The Swedish Tax Agency is able to provide you with a coordination number, and the Employment Service is able to assist you in obtaining this number.

Do you have to pay home insurance if renting?

You can protect all of your stuff inside of a house or apartment that you rent out completely by purchasing a policy that covers simply the contents of your residence. You will require tenants’ contents insurance if you rent a room in someone else’s home, share a property with several people, or lodge in someone else’s home.

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