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Looking for a reputable and good rewarding life insurance firm in Sweden might be a difficult choice to make when you are faced with multiple life insurance companies vying to entice you with their policies and different insurance cover packages.

On this, we have made a research on the best performing life insurance firms in Sweden and came out with AIG Insurance firm which has been performing and satisfying most of their customers with lots of fascinating, diverse life insurance cover, and other benefits. AIG was recently Named to The Civic 50 List by Points of Light.

AIG began operation in Stockholm, Sweden over 30 years ago to support Pan- European and Major Multinational programmes and also to support the development of local businesses.

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As stated in their annual presentation and observed through our questionnaires, AIG has proven to be a pacesetter and innovator in the insurance industry. They are engrossed with the manpower and expertise needed to provide such insurance programmes as:

Comprehensive insurance programmes

Risk Management international programmes

First-class customer and claims service


As has been proven continuously, AIG is one of the world’s leading insurance and financial organisations, covering a whole lot of Europeans with their unmatched insurance cover policies. Not only do they cover many geographical locations, but they have also enjoyed a high level of security and unmatched financial strands than most insurance firms in Sweden, making them the lead policyholders in the industry both now and in the future.


AIG can boast of covering top Swedish ventures and companies, individuals and households through their enticing and good rewarding programmes.

Its reputation has been and it’s continuously increasing due to its high level of customer satisfaction strategies and the in-depth knowledge developed since the firm’s inception. They are known to have maintained world-renowned goodwill for excellence in commercial, industrial, and personal insurance.


Being a pacesetter and market leader has seen AIG concentrate much of their efforts on areas where its clients stand to benefit from its vast products. These have they proven when they offered expertise and solutions above Financial Lines (D&O; Crime, Professional Indemnity and Kidnap & Ransom), Marine Cargo (Large multinational programmes), Property and Energy, Accident &Health, General Liability (Product Liability, Excess Liability), Auto Liability, Pollution, Product Tampering and Recall Insurance.


AS noted, AIG does not only operate life insurance, they also operate other businesses, cyber security, and life insurance covers for the people of Sweden.


They provide cyber insurance cover to prevent domino effect Data leaks and data losses which could lead to regulatory fines and PR nightmares, while attacks could lead to shutdown servers and loss of both profits and customers’ confidence in the firm.


It’s not a mere say that most businesses have gone digital, and this has exposed the firm’s data to hackers who could infiltrate for any reason. CyberEdge is considerable for most organisations except financial institutions.

Data Liability

Covers the financial consequences a firm could face due to data breach or misappropriation of customers/employees’ data.

Crisis Management and Breach Coaching

They provide access to a cyber-incident response team from their specialist and cover the PR costs of reducing damage caused to your firm’s goodwill. This includes forensic services, repair company goodwill and breach coaching to your firm.

Administrative Obligations

This covers the potentially significant costs and expenses of a data protection regulator’s investigation and fines following data security breaches.

Fines and investigations cover: They provide cover on fines that firms may be fined through data protection regulators when the company’s data is breached.

Electronic data cover: This includes data restoration, recollection and recreation following a security breach or data leak.

Protecting reputations: Their cyber incident response services include PR repair of company and individual reputation, and any information breach alertness and supervision costs.

The CyberEdge is designed specifically to cover all cyber risk exposures not covered under conventional casualty insurances.


The firm’s claims specialists are always ready to assist their clients’ IT department manage cyber attack as it occurs. They also provide an additional layer of cyber defence a firm’s IT department will need to better face the issue and its consequences.


Their claims team is always open 24hrs a day to enable the insured company’s file for claims or seek guidance from local claims specialists and panels of domestic and international legal advisors on the ground around the world.


Every business today that has an online presence is open to data compromised by hackers, or even data loss due to machine/server failures. This could lead to property damage, equipment failure, and bodily injuries. Therefore, they could be beneficial in these industry sectors such as:

  • Oil and gas producers and providers
  • Utility providers (water and electricity)
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation (airlines, rail, marine, traffic systems)
  • Retailers
  • Education
  • Mines
  • Hotels
  • Telematics
  • Hospitals


As a business traveller, you are exposed to several risks. Not limited to illness, accident, or even victim of theft or loss of your luggage.

With the AIG business travel insurance scheme, you are provided with diverse and comprehensive insurance cover whether you’re travelling locally or on long-haul trips. They have prepared many packages to suit your need.


With their lost adjusters, they play an invaluable role when their insured clients are involved in an injury or accident. Since most insured individuals don’t know much about their insurance coverage, with the aid of AIG lost adjusters, they assist their clients in claiming all insurance covers claimable by them.


Since we can’t rule out emergencies and urgency on some events or occurrences, AIG has made it possible and easier to assist their clients who are in urgent need and require emergency assistance. They do this through their selected international assistance firms to reach out quickly to the affected client. Such could be the need for a helicopter ambulance, transport home or contact with a hospital. And also include lost or stolen plane tickets, passports or travel documents or to recover lost luggage.


As the risks to life and properties increase, so too does the company’s risk exposure with regards to personal injury. With their global presence, you could file for claims and be compensated appropriately around the world. This has been so beneficial to most organisations with a large number of employees on business trips.


As the firm offers different packages, business travel insurance could cover any of these:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Rehabilitation costs following an accident.
  • Invalidity and death benefits.
  • Assault.
  • Crisis therapy.
  • Property / baggage.
  • Delay.
  • Deductible protection.
  • Liability and legal expenses.
  • Cancellation.
  • Interrupted travel.
  • Kidnapping, hijacking and the taking of hostages.
  • Search and rescue.
  • Assistance through SOS International.


All companies located in Sweden whose employees engage in frequent travelling.


  • The benefits are good and not as expensive as other companies
  • Great people around the world will give you an amazing network and business opportunities. 
  • Flexibility and good work-life balance
  • Flexible work from home
  • The pay is good and remote working


  • Poor management and lack of development of team
  • Constant Layoffs and company restructuring
  • Being assigned a good Manager can be a Hit or Miss
  • Communication is poor, bad technology, and senior management clueless
  • No training to climb up the ladder


With AIG life insurance programmes, your firm and employees, individuals and households could enjoy a better standard of living and could embark on most journeys having the sense that they’re covered to a minimal incident that could occur to them. Even as we don’t pray for incidents, we can’t still rule out their occurrences.

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